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The Bernese Mountain Dog Club of South Australia welcomes new members and owners of our gorgeous breed.

We hold monthly walks, fundraisers and hold our Specialty biennially to showcase our breed.

Committee members make themselves available at any time to speak with people interested in the breed or to owners with concerns about their dogs.

As the Bernese Mountain Dog becomes more recognised by the general public, the demand for puppies grows. The Club, along with conscientious breeders wish to maintain the breed’s reputation for it’s wonderful temperament and are working towards pursuing the soundest possible dogs.



Most people familiar with these dogs associate the Bernese Mountain Dog, or short "Berner", with the history of Switzerland and the Swiss Alps and the Swiss Heritage. For the last couple hundred years, the Bernese Mountain Dog was an typical working dog on many farms in and around the Swiss Alps READ MORE

How To Train Your Berner

Bernese are a Working breed, developed to have a strong desire to accompany and interact with people. They are intelligent, learn quickly, and strive to please their owners. Positive training methods help to keep them eager and willing. READ MORE

Feeding Time

Feed Bernese Mountain Dog puppy from 3 to 6 months old 3 meals daily. Feed puppies six months to 1 year 2 meals every 24 hours. Many times adult Bernese Mountain Dogs might do better with 2 lighter meals READ MORE

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