Grooming your Berner consists of brushing regularly with claw, paw and ear trimming.

You should not cut or clipper your Berners fur, they are a double coated breed and their coat is designed to protect them from warm and cold climates. Although, we have found our Berners to enjoy inside air-conditioning over 28 degrees.

It is good to have your puppy used to grooming as early as possible, feed small treats as you introduce brushing and cleaning to avoid a dog that 'hates their bath' later on.

Your Berner will 'Blow Out' twice yearly on average. Keep on top of this time with daily brushing, removing of undercoat and matting that can occur easily during this time. You can enlist a groomer to assist removing dead hair.

Do not let the coat matt or dreadlock as this can pull on their skin and create discomfort and limit movement.

Keep your Berner's teeth healthy with bones or you can train to brush them weekly with a toothbrush of finger brush.


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